anwarash ahmad - menghargai kecomelan kanak2 ribena di dunia ini

By: anwar ahmad

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Wednesday, 18-Feb-2009 22:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
back from istanbul

just got back from istanbul, turkey.and i bought something interesting for my camera there,too .it was like every single camera accessories that i want and would buy on ebay i can get it there.just say it; remote trigger, remote flash trigger, tripod bag, lowepro belt, filters, lenses, flash diffusers and a whole lot more!the price is quite expensive compared to malaysia and uk(even in the states) but i dont mind coz i know i wont find those things in jordan. i took the picture above with my new tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 ld macro 1:2 .and the 3D filter made it almost equivalent to 1:1 .

Tuesday, 20-Jan-2009 19:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Amman Downtown Outing


last week me and halfi went to amman to settle our flight tickets to Turkey. I brought my camera with me coz Ive been planning to visit Abu Darwish Mosque for a year already.Just didnt have the chance to go there by myself. Well it was 12 oclock and we had our lunch at Cairo Restaurant, so i thought that why don't go there now?we didn't have anything to do left and Halfi seemed to be a good companion for me that day. As soon as we got there I was so excited , i was smiling all the time! Not all of the Malaysian students know this place although it's really near the downtown. Hope to go back there soon!

We took a few pictures, have a chat with the Imam of the Mosque (no strong tea involved) and went straight to City Mall before going back to Irbid that night.

halfi and me with pak imam mesjid

the evening light on Jami' Abu Darwish

Friday, 4-Jul-2008 14:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
powerscourt gardens, wicklow, Ireland

the aweks

the fav

the bunga

and the patung

aritu anne n hanan bawak kitorang jejalan powerscourt mcm biase la kan aku bgn lmbat (standard la kan laki mane bley bgn awal hehe) naik bas adela sejam lebih..pastu bejalan mau brape kilo spanjang jalan tu mmg lawa

sesampai je kat sane, mmg terkejut ah sbb garden die chantek beb..dalam garden yg besaq tu ade lg banyak garden kecik2..japanese garden, italian garden slek xde melayu garden je..msti ade patung rempit kalo x...haha

so kitorang jalan smpai petang la enjoy beb..petang tu jejalan dublin plak...pegi park kamera aku plak abes bateri.. padahal dh cun dh lighting dublin aritu..thanks anne n hanan sbb bawak jejalan mmg best r korg! nanti kalo dtg jordan konpem aku drive korg satu jordan.

sape yg nk tau pasal powerscourt gardens dgn lebih teliti sket, click here


ini hanan dan anne, yg bwk aku jejalan..

Sunday, 29-Jun-2008 12:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my uk & ireland trip


x pegi ar stadium anfield..jauh maa..









Saturday, 28-Jun-2008 19:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
lama tak update :p

sori beb lame x update..
esok aku update..


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